Click on the thumbnails below to preview the “before” and “after” for 3540 Beverly Ridge Dr. This property serves as a perfect example of proper staging and photography. First, take a look at the “Before Photos!” These photos illustrate what 99% of agents will do. No staging, no prep work and photos taken on a typical digital camera:

Now take a look at the “After” photos. These photos were taken by one of the absolute best architectural photographers after a comprehensive staging plan was employed. No matter the price point ($200,000 condo or $20 million estate), I take the same care in preparing my properties for sale.

100% of your Buyers will be previewing your property in an online environment. All Buyers, no matter the market sector, want the “dream!” This is what I call, “the sale, before the sale!” This is one of the many areas, that I distinguish myself from the competition!!

Now take a look at the final product. Click on the link below to preview the completed property website.

3450 Beverly Ridge Dr

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