Scott was pretty much perfect, and I’m a builder so I’ve worked with a lot of agents over the years. To start with, he had a unique understanding and appreciation for the mid-century architecture of the property. He presented several pricing strategies, all of which made sense. He even made a  really smart design recommendation that completely opened the great-room, and “brought the view inside.” My elderly parents lived in the house, so he suggested a “funnel” strategy, which moved everyone through the house in five consecutive days, during which time my parents moved to a nearby rental. We had viewings from every major agent and literally hundreds of buyers in that one open-house-week. The strategy worked brilliantly; we had multiple offers and sold the house for $150k over asking–which we thought we’d get, if we listed slightly under what we expected. The house’s full value was truly achieved. Scott handled the buyer and buyer’s agent with what I would call “thoughtful insistence.” He was firm but considerate, he let nothing slip through the cracks, and he stayed in constant touch. I can’t say enough about his skills. This was my first sale with him, but I knew his reputation and it’s well-earned. I also knew of his success on Beverly Ridge Drive, and it’s also well-earned. I will absolutely use Scott again; he handled a challenging sale masterfully.
Jeff Lam

Scott is the best! He is extremely responsive, has an incredible amount of experience and familiarity with properties in the Valley, and is just an overall excellent advocate for his clients. Several times in this long process, I was extremely thankful he was on our side! I never had any doubts  we were getting the best possible advice. We truly enjoyed working with him and our excited to move into our new house! 
Meghan Pearl

Scott Wynne is an experienced, savvy, highly organized and exceptional real estate broker who represented us in the sale of our house. He always works in your best interest and is immediately responsive to any questions, or requests, you might have regarding your listing. I highly recommend Scott  to any seller or buyer. You will be extremely happy with his results!
Eileen Thorton

Scott couldn’t have been more friendly and professional during the sale of our Sherman Oaks house. Our home never looked better and was closed within a couple of months. He was an amazing Realtor and I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a house.
Bob & Karen Bowen

Scott is everything you would hope for in an agent. He’s responsive, thorough, smart, and a shrewd negotiator. He’ll be involved every step of the way and really is on your side. Could not ask for better service. He also keeps it fun!
Alan Pham

Scott, not only is expert in the general market, but is finely attuned to the uniqueness of each property, and to the personalities that may be involved in any negotiation or transaction. He leaves zero doubt that, every step of the way, he is acting in accordance with your objectives and your best  interests. We feel fortunate to have selected Scott to represent us and to have worked with him.

Scott represented me in my first home purchase. I was extremely pleased with his excellent service in every phase of the process- from my search and submitting offers to close of escrow. I recommend him highly and with the highest praise. Scott guided me skillfully on which homes I should pursue  and which I should not (he advised me against several homes that he felt were not as good of investments (specific area would not appreciate as quickly as others etc. and pointed out aspects of specific streets that would make one preferable over the other). I appreciated that level of honesty/detail/insight. Scott never pressured me to make an offer or offer more than what I was comfortable paying (something I found to be rare among realtors). Scott was very thorough during escrow and was highly involved in all aspects of my home inspections (and often pointing out issues that the inspector didn’t notice). He negotiated the entire process skillfully, answered all my questions quickly and professionally and often helped work through different issues (financing etc.) along the way. I felt very well represented and would absolutely recommend his service. 
Benefit Condo Seller

If you are interested in having a realtor that does his homework, knows the market, and protects your interests, then you need to hire Scott Wynne. I used him to sell my property in Studio City, it sold within 2 weeks (with a backup offer) for top dollar.
Al Dutra

Scott is the best! He is extremely responsive, has an incredible amount of experience and familiarity with properties in the Valley, and is just an overall excellent advocate for his clients. Several times in this long process, I was extremely thankful he was on our side! I never had any doubts  we were getting the best possible advice. We truly enjoyed working with him and our excited to move into our new house.
16810 Otsego Street Buyer

Scott Wynne is an experienced, savvy, highly organized and exceptional real estate broker who represented us in the sale of our house. He always works in your best interest and is immediately responsive to any questions, or requests, you might have regarding your listing. I highly recommend Scott  to any seller or buyer. You will be extremely happy with his results!
3559 Woodcliff Road Sellers

Bravo Scott!
You did a great job helping us sell our house – it’s been a pleasure working with you. When we decide to sell our house we interviewed a few well established brokers, did the due diligence on line and followed up on a few references. As expected they all made good presentations: demonstrating their experience, their knowledge of market conditions, providing an analysis of what our house should be listed for and the marketing efforts they would put in. What separated you from the rest was the enthusiasm you brought to the table. You loved our property and we felt you would be the best person to navigate us through one of the most important transactions of our lives. We were not disappointed. As we got to know you better we were impressed by your team – from Katrina who did the staging, James who did the photography, Trenta and Maria who helped with the house showing and Jennifer at the escrow office. You were personable and professional all along: being a perfect advisor, pushing at times and pulling back when appropriate allowing us to be the CEO of the project. Thank you for the good work and please convey our best to your team.

We met Scott at an open house in our neighborhood a few years ago, and knew that if we were to ever sell our home, he would be one of the people we would want to interview. After meeting with several agents, Scott’s approach, ideas, and professionalism convinced us that he was, without a doubt, the man for the job. There were many things that impressed us with the handling of the transaction from beginning to end, but Scott’s constant contact and availability was truly beyond anything we expected! If you are looking for somebody that understands what’s going on in the real estate market, contract negotiation, and ultimately having a smooth close of Escrow, we would highly recommend Scott Wynne.
Raymond and Melissa Clark

In a very tough market for buyers, Scott was instrumental in helping us buy a house that perfectly fit our requirements. There were multiple offers competing against ours and many twists and turns along the way that Scott helped us navigate. He is a straight shooter and someone I definitely recommend.
Steve Grushcow

We are so thankful that we picked Scott over the other agents we met with to help us sell our house. He was immediately personable and so clearly knowledgeable about the market, where our house fit, what we would be able to sell it for, and how to bring it all together successfully. What I liked the most was how strategic and honest he was – he told us exactly what we needed to do to sell our house and who he thought our target buyers were. We followed everything he said, right through the negotiation process, and everything turned out exactly like he said it would. He had primary and backup offers after our first weekend on the market, and helped us close escrow right on time, with all of our other wishes (price, rentback) met. He is a strong advocate for his clients – making sure our privacy and time were always protected, and always standing up for what we wanted – he is not afraid! On top of all that, our 2 year old loves him and was always so happy to see him. I cannot recommend him enough, especially if you are looking to sell your house! It was such a pleasure to work with him, and so easy.
Harpreet & Sangeeta Ahluwalia

Our hiring of Scott to sell our home was one of the best decisions we’ve made in terms of hiring a professional to represent our needs. We met Scott many years ago when he was in our neighborhood. His down to earth and professional demeanor impressed us such that when it came time to sell our home, we reached out to him. His willingness to do the hard work of walking our street to introduce himself to us and our neighbors, and his down to earth but professional manner stood out from any realtor we had come across. Our instinct about Scott proved to be correct. He implemented a plan for the marketing and presentation of our home that was custom tailored to our mid-century modern home—from choosing the perfect stager, hiring of a top-notch photographer and his implementation of a marketing strategy that maximized our return. His business acumen, knowledge and experience with selling mid-century homes, his close (but not too close) relationships with both Westside and Valley brokers proved to be a winning combination. At every turn, Scott zealously represented our needs and interests, and was available 24 hours a day to answer our questions or to simply reassure us. He taught us the importance of not just considering the dollar amount of an offer, but also the financial profile of a potential buyer(s). His attentiveness remained the same from the time we hired him until our sale proceeds were in the bank. In the end, Scott’s customized plan sold our home in 4 days with numerous offers and a sales price that exceeded our expectations. We cannot imagine having gone through the experience without Scott. Our entire family now considers him a friend, and we cannot recommend Scott more. Everyone should be so fortunate to have Scott Wynne handle the selling of their most important asset.
Michael Fuller

We met Scott a number of years ago while he was walking our neighborhood and during some subsequent open houses. We were favorably impressed with his demeanor and knowledge of our neighborhood so that when we decided to sell our house he was one of a few realtors we definitely wanted to interview for our listing. We ended up giving Scott our listing and he turned out to be the right choice. We were not novices at real estate transactions, having bought and sold about a dozen houses. Nevertheless, Scott’s knowledge was invaluable. From selecting a superior photographer, to setting up the website, to guiding us through negotiations with the buyer (and there were some rough spots), and to dealing with all the compliance requirements, Scott proved himself to be indeed the expert he said he was, and he conducted himself throughout the process with professionalism. We recommend Scott highly.
Amy Sample

Scott made the process of selling my home fun and relatively easy. He is knowledgeable, personable and very talented at what he does. I firmly believe that he is the best real estate agent in Los Angeles! If anyone can sell your home, Scott can and will.
Susan Paul-Klein

I have known Scott for over six years on a professional level. He proved himself to be an expert in his knowledge of the residential real estate market in my area of Sherman Oaks, California. My wife and I were extremely satisfied with his “personal touch” on many issues involving the sale of our home. His experience in staging and pricing proved very valuable in the timely sale of our home and in his ability to get a very fair and equitable offer from the buyers…better than we expected in a “down” market. Scott always treated us like a friend or family member…not just a business client. I strongly recommend to any potential real estate seller or buyer that Scott Wynne be their agent of representation. Our family will only use Scott as our real estate agent in the next purchase of a home.
Steve Klein, Executive VP, Protocol

Scott Wynne did a great job for us on our recent purchase of a home. He understood exactly what we were looking for, even when we weren’t yet sure, and did a great job of helping us hone in what was important to us. He found us the right house at the right price, then he was helpful, attentive, hard working, and tireless all through the rest of the process. We’re delighted with our new home and we’d unreservedly recommend Scott!
John Lobel & Janet Donnan

Just wanted to thank you again for your incredible service. Your work ethic and negotiation skills are unparalleled! I truly enjoyed working with you throughout the process! I now have my dream home because of your hard work and determination. I look forward to staying in touch and referring your services to my family, friends and colleagues!!
Trice Barto

Scott is trustworthy and competent. He got me a deal I had given up on and when things got a little bumpy near the closing date, I was glad to know I was in good hands. Most of all it has been a pleasure knowing Scott and working with him.
Sam Sadeghi

Late in the year, my wife and I stumbled upon a house that was perfect for our family. There was only one problem, we had to sell our house first. Scott leaped into action and had solid primary and back up offers by the end of the week. He sold our house and helped us simultaneously purchase the new house, all before the holidays. He genuinely looked after our best interests and was in daily contact. Contracting with Scott was the most important and best decision we made. The realty landscape is very complicated, filled with landmines and pitfalls, and he guided us through it quickly, safely and successfully.
Alex Freitas

Scott is a consummate professional and I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone interesting in buying or selling a home. Being in the commercial real estate business myself, I am probably much more demanding of my agent than I suspect most people are. Scott understands real estate market dynamics with a level of sophistication that far exceeds that of other brokers on the market, and is extremely hands on with his transactions. Most importantly he is a trusted advisor to his clients, and has a relationship-driven focus, as opposed to a transactional frame of mind that is so pervasive in the business. Scott’s process was very seamlessly run and he managed to exceed our expectations.
Eliav Dan

It was a pleasure working with Scott. He was creative in marketing our property, responsive to our inquiries, exhibited a deep knowledge about the market, and served as a trusted resource throughout the sale process. We greatly enjoyed working with Scott and highly recommend him.
David Lesser

Scott helped me to find tenants for my property and I can say honestly that it was the best experience I have ever had with a real estate agent. He was professional all the way through and went above and beyond what I expected of an agent. I highly recommend Scott for anything to do with property in Los Angeles.
Darin Ezra, CEO

Let’s get down to the basics. If you’re selling a million dollar plus home and you want to maximize your sale, then you better be hooked up with people that run in the right circles and know how to cover every minute details of the selling and promotional process. Scott got us a big dollar return on our home when the market was tanked. How? Details, details, details. He pitched his approach early on, and all we did was faithfully support his wishes in terms of pre-sale upgrades, staging, and timing. There’s no question that his upper tier contacts with Coldwell Bankers created the right kind of buzz with the right circle of potential buyers. The result? A fast, high-dollar return in a tanked marketplace. Most experienced realtors talk a good talk because that’s fundamental to their game. However, our impression of Scott was that he was fastidious with the details that matter and provided a continual and grounded sense of structure to our prep, showings, and final decision process.
Andrew Hardaway