Pricing is an art and not a science.  There are many factors when pricing a home: popular vintage (Mid-Century Modern, Classic Traditional, Spanish Revival, etc..), location, views, pool, lot layout, school district, quality design, comparable home size to neighboring properties, market conditions, etc.

a) Certain sellers need to move a property quickly. Common reasons: finances, divorce, relocation, etc… Overpricing is not an option; Speed is essential.
b) Some sellers are not that motivated and are only willing to take top dollar for their home.
c) In most cases, sellers are situated in between scenarios a & b.

Data: There are comparable sales, pending or active that will give you a sense of home value. Based on experience, I will be able to give you a price range that will be measured as follows:
Hot — Priced below market, should yield a quick sale.
Warm — Priced in and around the correct price.
Cool — A fishing price; typically for sellers that would only consider top dollar and nothing else.
Cold — A price that will not yield any activity.

Pricing is an ongoing conversation. This is never determined in one meeting. The market is always fluid. Once a launch date is decided on, the client and agent watch the market together. New sales get recorded, properties go into escrow and new products hit the market. This continual due diligence is essential.

Private consultation: Given that setting a price is extremely nuanced, it requires an in-person meeting.