Print/Grass Roots Marketing

The real estate world has shifted to the online universe. With that said, there are several crucial marketing platforms that need to be utilized when advertising a Valley property. There are several objectives: A) Getting potential Buyers outside of the Valley ecosystem to know about your property. There is no huge accomplishment in attracting Buyers only in the Valley. Often the Buyers with the deepest pockets are spilling over from the Westside. B) Creating as much awareness for your property as possible, so open houses are crowded, essentially setting the stage for your (1,2,3) real Buyers that might be in the house and giving them a sense that they need to get off the dime, or risk losing the property. How are these two objectives met? Here are several techniques that I use outside of the online universe:

1) I always put a Full Page Ad in the Westside MLS Guide regardless of price point. This is a publication that all Westside Agents pick-up Monday morning for Caravan. Call it the “Hollywood Reporter” for Westside Real Estate Agents. Very few Valley Agents advertise in this publication. I deem this to be a big mistake. Westside Agents typically do not care about the Valley and must be “spoon fed.” Click on the images below to view my MLS Guide Ad examples.

2) Mass open house signage on the launch. This does not mean 4-5 open house signs 30 minutes before the open house. It can mean as many as 30 signs, depending on the location of the property. The open house signs go up on Caravan days at 4-5am in the morning. Signs on Saturday and Sunday open house days, go up at 9-10:00am in the morning! Reason: So commuter traffic is aware of a new listing, neighborhood riff/raff is aware etc.! You want as many people in the house as possible, so when Buyers/Agents are in the home they feel a sense of urgency and a sense that the house is in demand. The big myth is that you are putting out signage to attract Buyers. This is not the case at all. Real Buyers are what I call “on purpose.” 99 out of a 100 times, real Buyers in todays world are looking online every second to see what the “new hot listing” is. These folks are not looking at open house signs to direct them where to go. They know this information from the Internet. When they arrive, hopefully they are met with a full house and not by themselves. Click on the images below to view my open house sign examples.

3) Just Listed Postcards: Just Listed Postcards go out to 500-1000 homes around the subject property. Once again, this typically does not draw real Buyers. It gets nosey neighbors into the home that I am utilizing as filler for our real Buyers mentioned above. Click on the images below to view my Just Listed Postcard examples.

4) Just Listed Flyers: Just like the Just Listed Postcard, the Just Listed Flyer goes out to 500-1000 homes around the subject property. Once again; getting those nosey neighbors in the home. (The Just Listed Flyer also mirrors the e blast that goes out to the 5000-7000 agents in Valley as well as the Westside). Click on the images below to view my Just Listed Flyer examples.

5) For Sale Signs: I always attach the Property Website URL Rider to the For Sale Sign that sits out in front of your home. Practically everyone has a smart phone nowadays. Buyers can easily take that information and access the property details on their phones or mobile devices. Additionally, the general public driving by your property can give the property URL to friends and so on. Buyers do not need to navigate through to get to your property’s website. Click on the images below to view my URL property website rider examples.

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