Step One: I create what I call, the “business card” of the property.  This is the initial insertion into the Broker-to-Broker MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system.  All the details, photos, and property website/video attachments are inserted into this page.  This is why I call this the insertion, the business card of the property.  Thousands of agents in Los Angeles (City, County & Coast) have access to this information.  Agents use the MLS set-up page to send to their clients.  Additionally, agents will set up their clients on automatic updates from the MLS.  Therefore, the business card of the home must be thought out and well executed.

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Step Two:  The MLS Insertion Page is then routed to all the top websites around the globe.  The Agency has strategic business arrangements with top websites around the world, to ensure your home will have the maximum online exposure locally, nationally & internationally.  This is why the initial MLS Insertion Page is so important.

Online Distribution List.

Step Three:  All my listings have their own unique property websites & property videos (for example:  Reason:  1) I don’t want potential buyers to search through my website to access information, or have to scroll through a cumbersome application.  I want access to be quick and easy.  2) will appear on all collateral marketing materials: publication ads, postcards, flyers, for-sale sign riders, agent-to-agent e-blasts, etc. 3) is also linked to the property’s MLS business card.

Step Four:  E-blasts are sent out to every relevant agent locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Step Five:  I include all my business and personal relationships on e-blasts & social media posts:  My business-to-business and personal sphere includes many influential people in the entertainment industry: business managers, talent agents, talent managers, talent lawyers, studio executives, and other contacts who are leaders in their respective businesses. These relationships have frequently resulted in quick sales.

Step Six:  Social Media Strategy.  There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding social media.  Social Media is an important element in any marketing strategy but in no way a panacea.  With that said, most “real buyers” are getting direct information from their respective agents and proactively searching on Zillow and other related real estate search engines.

The Agency prides itself on being at the forefront of social media.  The Agency’s Instagram page has more than 450,000 real followers.  I am able to put my listings on this social media feed; which puts my listings in front of real high-net-worth individuals around the globe.  This is not a personal page with a couple of thousand followers or an agent page with forty to fifty thousand fake followers.  Fake followers are a pervasive and very unfortunate tactic that some agents take to impress potential clients (this is unethical at best). Social media can add buzz to a property if utilized properly.  There is no better company than The Agency to leverage this burgeoning medium!   

The Agency Instagram / Facebook sample:

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