Internet Utilization

How do I launch your property on the worldwide web? Here is a step by step process.

Step one starts out by creating what I call the “business card” of the property. This is the initial insertion into the broker to broker MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system. All the details, photos and property website attachments are inserted onto this page; hence this becomes the “business card” for your property. Five thousand plus agents in Los Angeles, from the Valley to the City, have access to this information. No longer are the Valley and City MLS systems separate. All information is shared. No listings are left out. Agents use the MLS insertion page to send to their clients. Click on the thumbnail photo below to view an example of a MLS insert.

This step is where your property is rocketed onto the worldwide web for all to see. The MLS Entry is then routed to all the top websites around the globe, where they are forwarded to other sub-websites, and so on and so on. This does not happen by accident or chance! Berkshire Hathaway has strategic business arrangements with the top websites in the world to insure your home will have the maximum online exposure. This is why the initial MLS insert Page is so important. It is critical that this entry be done with intelligence and care. Proper descriptions, elements, photography and your property website must be included in the MLS insertion page. Click on the thumbnail below to see a partial list of websites that your property will automatically roll into after the initial MLS insertion.

In addition to your MLS entry, Berkshire Hathaway’s ability to get your property seen on hundreds of websites worldwide, there is another element to your property’s “business card.” All my listings have their own unique property websites (i.e. There are multiple reasons why I do this. 1) I don’t want potential Buyers to have to endlessly search through my own personal website to get to your property. I want that access to be quick and easy. 2) will appear on all collateral marketing materials: publication ads, postcards, flyers, riders under the for sale signs, agent to agent e-blasts, etc. 3) is linked to the property’s “MLS business card” and thus forwarded to the hundreds of websites indicated in the prior section.

There are over five thousand active real estate agents in Southern California. I have the ability to send out an e-blast to practically every agent. Once again, great photos and are included on this flyer. The reach is instantaneous. Click on the photos below to preview examples of my property e-blasts.

Business & Personal Relationships: My business to business and personal sphere include many influential people in the entertainment Industry: Business Managers, Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Talent Lawyers, Studio Executives and other contacts who are leaders in their respective businesses. These relationships have frequently resulted in quick sales.

One of the newest and most exciting online marketing platform is social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.). I have thousands of close friends, clients, industry leaders that are friends of mine of Facebook. When you list with me, I will post your property on my wall (personal space that every user has on Facebook), so all my contacts will instantly be aware of your property. These contacts can easily then share your property with their clients, friends, family etc. This tool gives me the opportunity to leverage the viral nature of social media to benefit your property’s exposure.

Beginning in 2014, Facebook now allows Real Estate Agents to create advertising campaigns targeting Facebook users by Zip Code. This is fantastic. Very few agents are schooled in how to maximize this exciting technology. This platform allows me to buy thousands of Facebook users all over Los Angeles. It is another way to get eyeballs on your property.”

Click on the thumbnail below to see an example of a “page post” engagement on Facebook.

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