Everyone has heard this common saying when referring to real estate: location, location, location. Well, when we’re talking about marketing a home for sale, it’s all about: photos, photos, photos, photos, photos… As I have stated in the prior paragraph, real estate marketing has moved almost entirely online. The photos of your home are going to determine whether or not a potential Buyer is going to want to see your property. Given this fact, whether your home is a three hundred thousand dollar condo or a ten million dollar estate, the same exact principles apply. Professional photography is an absolute must (certain situations do not apply, i.e., complete fixer, tear-down, etc). Having an agent come to your home with a little digital camera is not sufficient. When I list your property utilizing all the online tools that Berkshire Hathaway has to offer, the pictures of your home will spider out to hundreds of real estate related websites worldwide (I will discuss this process in the next section). The days of Buyers willing to visit homes based purely on an agent’s suggestion are gone. Ninety-nine percent of Buyers will decide what they will and will not see based on photography.

Given that pictures are worth a thousand words, take a look at the 3309 Bonnie Hill Drive Website. They serve as a good example of exceptional photography. This example yielded an offer in the first day on the market and many subsequent back-up offers in a twenty-four hour period. I had one hundred groups through the home on a Saturday Open House and between one hundred and fifty to two hundred groups on my first Sunday Open House.

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